memories woven, memories spun

memories entwined into one

a lifetime of memories 

bound and wrapped up tight

only to be opened in the dead of night

 when in the dark I need them to keep

to warm me and give me the comfort I seek

my memories are all that I have to keep me alive

keep my soul soaring and my heart beating in time

 memories woven spun and entwined

locked and bound in the depth of my mind


Written 11/9/00

(C)  2000 ~ 2012

Tracie Maree

published in 'Australia's Best Poetry' 2001

 ~The Passing Of Time~


If you look real close
there's a ray of light shining just for you
in the sky a thousand clouds
but only one the palest blue
If you look into the night sky
there's many a twinkling star
there's one twinkling just for you
and it's the brightest one by far
When the summer breeze blows your way
and brushes gently across your face
You'll know that it has finally found
it's resting place
gentle is it's touch
graceful it is with ease
for it is you and only you
it's spirit wishes to please
so everywhere you look
you'll find some sort of sign
that your heart is slowly healing
throughout the passing of time


written 9/6/00 by Tracie Maree

(C) 2000~2012

 published in 'Australia's Best Poetry' 2001

 ~The Earth Laughs In Flowers~


Did you know the earth laughs in flowers
her many colors out on show
with all the many flowers
the earths heart does brightly glow
The earth she shines so brightly
when her flowers push up their heads
all at once the earth laughs
from within their colorful beds
So plant some colorful flowers
to help her laugh for all time
laughter from mother earth
so we know she is just fine


Written 8/05/00 - (C) 2000~2012 

Tracie Maree

Published  in 'Voices On The Web' 2001


~A Melting Moment~


when you touch my hand so gently
and your lips tenderly come to mine
 I feel my heart begin to warm
and slowly it melts in time
when your eyes drifted to mine
and you held my body close to yours
once more my heart warmed
and my soul began to soar
this was a melting moment
that I will never forget
a moment in my life
that I will never regret
the warmth my heart felt
will last through many years
throughout my life's emotions
the laughter and the tears
so give me that melting moment
melt my heart some more
warm my heart tonight
watch my soul soar
Copyright 2001~2012 Tracie Maree
Published 'Voices On The Web' 2001