Heart render

January 6, 2013
Poetic heart gives forth
what the soul is prepared to surrender!

Walk with me!

January 6, 2013
Come walk with me; take my hand
I will show you a garden like no other
your heart & soul will dance
like butterflies & bumble bee's 
in the morning sun
on petals filled with dew
come walk with me
and we can share this day together

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March 8, 2012




gently down

my cheek, stops

abruptly at the corner

of my mouth, I can taste

it's salty fluid and for just

a moment I think of

something other

than you 

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Lasting Impressions

March 8, 2012

Lasting impressions

left by you


just grew

casting precious thoughts


it's true

My hearts


by everything

that you do

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Poet Heart

March 1, 2012

I care not of the way you've written it 
or what the form may be 
for me it's all about the passion behind the poetry
it's all about whats being said 
not how it should be penned
put your heart & soul in to the words
and the passion will flow no end
the words will speak volumes
as the reader feels your emotions deep inside
let your soul begin the motion
and your pen will effortlessly glide

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crying in the rain

February 21, 2012
sometimes I feel so blue,

the endless nature of my sadness brings me to despair

sometimes I cry in the rain,

but the rain only hides my sadness,

as my tears fall within their droplets

 no one seems to know or even care for that matter,

why should they, they don't feel this blue day as I

the dark deepening despair that takes over like the fog in the night,

creeping in with an uneasy eeriness that soon consumes me whole,

so I stand out in the rain, tears flooding down my face

and the rain hides it all to...

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Silken Essence

February 21, 2012
from that moment
that moment of anticipated excitement
when our bodies come together
and our lips slowly melt in silken essence
my soul radiates blooms of mellifluous notes
as my heart pounds 
like the ocean crashing on the shore
from that moment
that moment filled with anticipation and excitement
I'm transported into a world of silken essence
we slowly blend into one
and as I inhale the soft elixir 
that you produce with every movement
for a time we are the alchemists 
pure blend of ecstasy

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for the things I cannot change - I will not dwell

February 21, 2012
for the things I cannot change
I will not dwell
for to dwell is to reside
and some things are not worth
the weight on my mind
I shall live in the moment
allowing myself to go with the flow
of everyday living
allowing myself to have a life
not just "exist"
for to dwell
is to be weighed down in the depths
of the world around me
and I want to swim freely in this
universe of life
not drown in it's swell

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Reflections of the moon

February 21, 2012
the moon above
in heavens towers
sits and ponders
the nightly hours

reflecting upon 
her past encounters
of starry nights
and meteor showers

her celestial self
so admired
radiating to earth
in full attire

capturing the hearts 
of those earthly bound
forever loved
forever crowned

crowned the queen
of celestial nights
adorned by shimmering
starry lights

always in the heavens high
capturing my heart
with breathless sigh

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Poetic Renders

February 21, 2012

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