This week a family member/close friend was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she has already undergone treatment for breast cancer and now has this to deal with.
When someone close to you is going through something so tough, something thats life threatening you begin to question alot of things in life.
What you think is important seems silly now and you look at the bigger picture and you start to realise that what is important is your life, how you lead it, how you reflect yourself towards others, respect amongst and for everyone around you, expelling love of your life and the life of all those close to you, making the time and effort to catch up with friends & family even if is just via email, facebook, a cup of coffee or a night out.
Life is too short to stress over the little things, we need to look at the big picture and live in the moment because as soon as we don't that moment has past us by and we will never have known what that moment may have had in store for us.