well it's been a couple of months now & I've lost 5.6 kilo's and I'm feeling really good. To some it may seem like it's slow going but I have Hypothyroidism & it is harder to loose weight but not impossible so I'm not going to beat myself up about the fact that it is taking me a little longer than some to loose this horrible excess weight.
I feel so motivated at the moment when it come to food but not so much with the whole exercise "thing" I can't stand exercise, the only thing I've done is walking but I know soon that this is not going to be enough if I want to loose more weight because diet restriction doesn't work alone you need to be doing some form of exercise & then when your body get's used to that you need to "up the anti" as they say.
I must also say that my BP has continued to be within the normal limits which is good, this is what motivated me to loose the weight in the first place as it was continuously on the higher end of the scale. Hopefully I can continue on my fitness kick & not loose the motivation I currently have. xx